About Us

GHNP (Giving Hands Non-Profit Organization)

Giving Hands Non-Profit Organization is a 501(c)3 charitable organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our organization was formed in order to serve those in need of support for education and provide social resources to help them improve their lives.

Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we operate locally but are looking on continued expansion in the local community and further expansion world wide depending on our organization capability and where we can identify and assist those in need.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assist impoverished and disadvantaged children and adults, by working in the spirit of togetherness to promote the sacredness of human life and restore hope and dignity in the lives of beneficiaries.

Though our mission is rooted in the Holy book (the Bible) “blessed is the hand that giveth, than the one that taketh”, our operations serve people based solely on need (the poor and suffering people of the world), regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity.

Our Vision

Our current projects are focused on providing funding and educational tools to children in need. We focus on securing and improving “education” because we know that a good education is the key pathway to improve overall quality of life in the future.
With the proper education, this can help provide better career opportunities for them in the future and can improve overall health literacy to promote the individual to position themselves to succeed.
It is in recognition of these facts that we’re positioning ourselves as mentors to the unprivileged young students, as they include orphans and financially disadvantaged. We would like to further assist in closing the gap for the students that need our help.

Our Goals

  • To support and conduct education through mentoring, health awareness and informational activities.
  • To develop and enhance community unity and form partnerships that will impact the quality of life for those in need in our community and other communities around the world.
  • To prevent community deterioration by the promotion of education and health.